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Aperture is a team of people who are obsessed with learning.
Perhaps you’re still trying to find market fit. Maybe you’ve burnt through creative ideas and nothing’s sticking. Or you could be growing with a view to exit. We don’t shy away. We’ve helped grow the Davids and the Goliaths – and now we’re ready to build a plan for you.
It’s not just about creative: we elevate your entire approach to growth, sprinkling in quick wins along the way. We’ll pore over your insights, dig into your reviews, and bring you all we’ve got – from thousands of hours at leading apps – to go for growth.
We're not just another agency - we're your partner in positive impact. Guided by a commitment to justice and moral values, we started our journey to partner only with businesses that aim to better the world. We believe in empowering change-makers and supporting ventures that enhance lives.


After spending more than a decade growing companies from the inside, Hannah launched Aperture to help good companies scale, expand their reach, and help as many people as possible. Her creds include being named App Marketer of the Year, 2x Business Consultant of the Year, leading mobile as a coach on SYSTM, and a previous coach for Google.

Fun fact: Hannah has eaten at more than 2000 restaurants.


During her 30 years in marketing, Tara specialised in project management and digital marketing. At Aperture, she integrates AI to improve efficiency and growth. An excellent networker, she supports smooth teamwork and success for Aperture.

Fun fact: Tara worked on cruise ships, which helped her develop her networking skills and embrace diverse cultures.


Account Manager
Blending a rich background in psychology with her extensive experience in marketing, Helen offers a unique perspective at Aperture. Often referred to as the ‘social media rockstar’, Helen is known for leveraging psychological insights in the creative process, Helen is known best for applying a deep understanding of user behaviour to drive results both organically and in paid.

Fun fact: With a passion for theatre and musicals, Helen harnesses the power of storytelling in each campaign


Junior Account Manager
Abi combines her graphic design background with a passion for creative thinking. Her freelance design experience on projects, including London Fashion Week, editorial magazines, and social media campaigns has grown her innovative perspective and dynamic approach. Now, transitioning into marketing, Abi brings her creativity and forward-thinking, eager to contribute to impactful marketing strategies at Aperture. 

Fun fact: Abi's passion for fashion and sustainability led her to the 2024 Copenhagen Fashion Summit, celebrating its 15th year as the leading forum for industry collaboration on sustainable fashion.


Account Director
Since moving from Paris to London in 2013, Gus has specialised in driving efficient user acquisition for apps in both agency and in-house settings. He believes combining data driven insights and a creative approach to growth is the key to success. 

Fun fact: As a fervent Leyton Orient supporter, he believes in the power of the underdog.


Senior Account Manager
With over 10 years of experience in digital marketing for e-commerce and apps, Katie has helped start-ups and mid-sized companies grow through performance marketing. Her passion for app user experience and behaviour allows her to offer partners comprehensive, 360-degree insight into their users and product.

Fun fact: Katie rolled out of uni and started working on the shop floor at Selfridges, she sold £1M+ of product over 2 consecutive years; she loved the customer interactions which allowed her to really understand the customer experience.

“Aperture radically transformed our approach to growth.”

Alexia de Broglie.
Cofounder, Juno

“Aperture gave us priceless insights into our funnel and process.”

Amy Whitell.
Cofounder, Collctiv

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